DPIC…clients and friends for more than 30 years…now XLCaitlen

Los Angeles

AECOM…witnessed extraordinary growth…more than 30 years of representation


CNA…great friends…great company…good times…terrific client


Holiday Inn…1980/90’s…the ultimate learning experience


Travelers…long-term professional client

Washington, D.C.

ACEC…20-year professional relationship

Good memories, but let’s focus on what’s happening today…

  • Yes, Kathy and I sold the Montclair house, although we remember those terrific Christmas parties with big smiles.

  • After a respite in Hoboken (it was great!), we decided to go south. You know – taxes and the weather!

  • Austin is booming, and I spend a lot of my time watching the nearby construction sites from the 26th floor. Amazing stuff!

  • The rumor that I need to quell? I have absolutely NOTHING to do with my former law firm – except that I must continue to fight to get my name back.


Please stay tuned, and check back. In the upcoming months, I plan to provide lots more information. Maybe I’ll even start a blog…

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